Empathy is buried deep in our guts. We don’t reach for it that often. Maybe we are scared of where the road of humanity and kindness could lead us. We are bothered when others speak truth about us. But we need to admit that we are often selfish.

Tekst se nastavlja ispod oglasa

It can’t be possible that we are kind when after the picture of Ajlan we also saw a picture of little Ilaf. Ajlan was on the shores of Aegan sea. Ilaf was on the field of Izačić in our Krajina. Ajlan was left to die by entire human kind. Ilaf is alive, but she doesn’t owe us anything. Same way she fell asleep in her father’s backpack, there was also a chance that she could never wake up. 

Life could have abandoned her. If it were up to us…Ilaf is strong, stronger than us. That is why she is alive. She is only three years old, and she’s been traveling for two years already. 

Tekst se nastavlja ispod oglasa

Their father, their protector, has only one goal in mind – to enable his children honorable life. While they are hugging him, they feel safe, but he knows that a long road is ahead of them. If we were better, they would have much easier task. 

We already wrote about this, knowingly that it would get harder for them, but it still means to us:“… People are moving aside, with their chins up they turn their heads away from the truth, from themselves, from their conscience. 

Tekst se nastavlja ispod oglasa

And that would be their personal thing if there are no cities who are getting killed every day, if there are no horrific screams from every part of the world. 

Maybe we could understand the indifference towards the bodies of refugees – their soles are left behind in the cries of their devastated homes, if they weren’t everywhere around us. Is there anywhere that we can turn? Is there a drawer in which anyone, artist or not, can put a picture of little Ajlan from the shore of Aegan sea? Art is good, but it is not appreciated anymore. 

Tekst se nastavlja ispod oglasa

There are to many “works of art” made from horrors that came from drawers. We don’t even turn heads from some of them. It all came down to cries. Somebody else’s pain is buried deep inside until it is washed up on the shores of a cold and ruthless sea. It is not enough to just say “We are guilty”, not in a song, not in a picture, not in a movie… 

That can’t bring the freedom back to the people of Homs, it can’t feed the hungry in Madaya. That can’t bring back the dignity to millions of those who are wondering in front of the millions of those who are turning their heads away. That is not the way to defeat the evil.If it is our fault than we are obligated not to speak, not to sing, not to take photographs, not to write… It will make it harder for them. 

We need to understand that they are us and that we are them. Their cries are our cries. Their dignity is our dignity. When we understand that, everyone will know what to do. We are them. They are our children. 

Just like Abdurahmau took his children towards a better life, Vesna from Banja Luka left with four of her. She hopes to find a better life somewhere else. 

There are thousands of same destinies, wishes of parents and injustices carried on those children who are not guilty of anything to anyone. 

Children believe that we are all god. That is why Ilaf sends kisses to us. Maybe we are kind. But that kindness is buried somewhere deep inside of us.

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