Tonight, at 21:00, live on Hayat TV, you can watch new show 360degrees.ba. Our own, Amra Ibrahimović and her guests will introduce you to the positive stories.

In tonight show, first of 30 shows that we will broadcast, we cover the subject “I, politician.”Our guests are newly elected members of Parliamentary assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

They are not new faces in politics, but many of the things you will hear about them tonight will be new to you. They life is not only politics, they are wives, mothers, human rights activists, members of NGOs, humanitarians…

Being in politics was not their dream.

They are in politics because it is, contrary to the popular belief in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a noble profession. They want to give contribution in strengthening of the country and in improving life quality of their fellow citizens.

They answered the call of politics because they feel the responsibility to do so. But they also want to combat the stereotypes. They want to show that knowledge, perseverance and skill are what is important and not primarily the gender.

It is important to solve problems in this society in the name of those who are not capable to solve them while their quality of life and sometimes their life in general depends on it. Those who know our guests say that the truth is the most important for them.

They don’t play games and they don’t divide people by any criteria other than kindness.

And for one of our guests, they say that she has a voice of nightingale.

Maybe we will test that. To make a change for better you don’t need much.

See for yourself, watch 360degrees.ba live at 21:00.

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